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Collection: For The Beach


Increasingly today, all of us yearn for a better tomorrow....we want the pandemic to be over, we want the lock-downs to be removed and we want social distancing to become a thing of the past....we want a day in the sun......

And in looking forward to the beach, the best part is the various choices you have in picking your bathing suit , from a two piece bikini perhaps to a one piece suit instead.....and while at it, you want to be reminded of your beach wear pareos / sarong, without which, the outing at the beach wouldn't be that complete

Our beachwear sarong or pareos are designed to be worn in various fashion and the many distinctive style to see yourself in are ;


  • pareo skirt / sarong, which is worn traditionally as a wrap-around the waist, with a right fit of 1 m width x 1.2 m long , made from lightweight cotton fabric


  • makeshift blouse /  wrap-around the bikini top / bottom, worn as a wrap-over your swimsuits / bikinis, in a comfortable size of  0.75 m in width x 1.5 m long , made from two-tone soft moss crepe fabric